As far as techniques for crochet goes, I am still working on my basic skills. However, I am really looking forward to being able to do more intricated projects. First, I will finish the basic scarf I am working on. Then, I will try my hand at a more complicated pattern.

Here are super cute projects that are currently on my wishlist. Simply click on the images to be lead to the free pattern or instructions.

  1. Adorable mermaid slippers for my nieces

2. Crochet feathers to use in a DIY project

free pattern for Tunisian crochet feathers

3. Pretty crochet flowers to decorate a scarf or hat

free easy crochet rose pattern

4. A cuddly crochet bear

5. Dinosaur booties for my nephew

6. An adorable sunshine cushion to lighten up any room

7. A mini pineapple to use as a keychain

8. A super cute stuffed cow

9. Another kind of feathers

10. Cute fruit coasters

11. An extremely cute king of the jungle

Lion amigurumi free pattern

12. Delicate flowers to embellish other projects

13. A braided scarf to stay warm

14. Miniature cactus

15. Baby princess slippers


16. A stuffed bird to look over my planters

17. A pastel teddy bear to cuddle

18. A fancy stitch to use to make a fancier scarf or blanket

19. Winnie the pooh, crochet edition


20. Flowers that can be stitched together

21. A beautiful circular rug

I will keep you posted on my progress 🙂

Have a great day!

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