On Mother’s Day, it can get extremely busy in restaurants, especially for brunch. I don’t know what’s the thing with brunch and mothers, but it does seem to be a classic.

Instead of going out to a crowded restaurant, why not stay home and have a quiet and delicious brunch to celebrate your mom?

In case you need inspiration, here are beautiful dishes you can make for a special Mother’s Day brunch. Just click on the pictures to get the recipes.

  1. Berry trifles with whipped coconut cream

Whipped coconut and fresh berry truffle...a light refreshing dessert! www.feasting at

2. Parmesan hash brown

3. Beautiful Ricotta pancakes

Ricotta Pancakes - Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside it’s hard to stop with just one. Paired with some sour cream and jam, you’ve got breakfast fit for a queen! by Let the Baking Begin!

4. Granola breakfast pizza

Healthy Breakfast Pizza With Granola Crust – A healthy and delicious recipe that’s easy to make with a few simple ingredients: granola, peanut butter, almonds, cinnamon, yogurt, berries and nuts. A perfect, vegetarian breakfast or brunch idea. So yummy! Video recipe. |

5. Bacon, chives, and cheddar scones

I made these before and they were very tasty! I’m not a scone queen but found these easy to make. I used the all-purpose flour I had at home (not the one specified in the recipe) and it turned out great.

6. A mango smoothie for a healthy addition to the meal


7. Maple bacon pancakes

Maple, Bacon, Pancake Bites |

8. Homemade breakfast sausages

Homemade Maple Breakfast Sausage | These breakfast sausage patties are made with a combo of ground turkey and pork, savory herbs, and sweet maple syrup. The mouthwatering combo gives way to a low calorie homemade version of your favorite breakfast food! |

9. Spinach, cheese, sweet potato and bacon quiche

Shredded sweet potatoes are a great alternative to the calorie heavy pie crust in this Spinach, Bacon, Cheese Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust. They add a touch of sweetness to this savory and hearty quiche!

10. Cranberry orange muffins

Brighten up your day with these cranberry orange muffins! They are soft and moist, loaded with tangy cranberries and bursting fresh orange flavors.

11. Layered chia pudding with fruit puree

layered chia pudding with mixed fruit puree

12. Supreme breakfast pizza

Pizza for breakfast doesn't have to mean cold leftovers - this easy 30-minute Supreme Breakfast Pizza is built on a buttery crescent crust and is loaded with anything and everything your hungry morning belly can imagine!

13. Vegan raspberry breakfast bars

Three raspberry breakfast bar squares stacked on top of each other

14. The classic scotch eggs

Proper Scotch eggs

15. Pumpkin spice granola

Pumpkin Spice Granola - a sweet combination of your favorite fall spices along with sweet maple syrup, brown sugar, walnuts and almonds.

16. Blueberry lemon scones

Blueberry Lemon Scones - tender flaky scones with fresh blueberries throughout and a dreamy lemony glaze!

17. French toast bake

Easy French Toast Bake with no overnight chilling and all your favorite French Toast flavors you can serve to your family or a large crowd. Perfect with warm maple syrup.

18. Fruits and cream cheese pastries

Fruit and Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries Recipe

19. Highly customizable egg muffins

I love that these healthy egg muffin cups can be made in advance. These muffin cups have less than 50 calories per muffin and are packed with vegetables, so eat up and serve with some toast, your morning coffee, yogurt, etc! #breakfast #healthy #togo #easyrecipes #vegetarian

20. Rosé grapefruit mimosas

hand holding champagne flute of mimosa with champagne and flowers in background

I hope this gave you the inspiration you needed to make a wonderful brunch for your mom this Mother’s Day. If you have siblings, don’t forget you can divide the prep required for the brunch by doing it potluck style. For example, it’s really easy to make scones, muffins or breakfast bars in advance and bring them over in a plastic container (pass the word to your brothers and sisters).

Happy Mother’s Day for all the wonderful moms out there 🙂

With love,

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