The sun came out, snow has melted and we are beginning to see the light at the end of the winter. For the occasion, I couldn’t help but spent too much time on Etsy looking at fun and colorful accessories I could wear with my spring wardrobe.

Here are beautiful accessories to wear this spring. Be prepared to see a lot of pineapples, cactus, pom poms, and tassels! 🙂

  1. Pretty pastel pansy studs
CA$18.62 from IvannaFlorist on Etsy

2. A fun flamingo tote bag

CA$28.05 from JamesBarkerDraws on Etsy

3. Flowers and strawberry earrings set

CA$27.93 from IvannaFlorist on Etsy

4. Very colorful hair ties

CA$9.30 from PlumPolkaDot on Etsy

5. Simple wood flowers earrings, painted by hand

CA$16.83 from LaylaAmber on Etsy

6. A Tiki drink enamel pin

CA$5.69 from FemmeDeBloom on Etsy

7. A strawberilicious bag

CA$113.15 from LaLisette on Etsy

8. A necktie with pretty flowers

CA$18.62 from MyBowtifulCreation on Etsy

9. A yellow parrot necklace

CA$28.05 from KristinStride on Etsy

10. An enamel iced coffee pin (warmer days means colder coffee!)

CA$13.30 from DesignandHapiness on Etsy

11. Pom poms earrings for a festive outfit

CA$10.15 from RinStatementPieces on Etsy

12. Green succulent earrings with a touch of pink

CA$17.29 from JewelleryforWorld by Etsy

13. An enamel pin with a positive message

CA$13.30 from LittleWomanGoods on Etsy

14. A clutch with tassels and colorful flowers

CA$39.90 from ChangnoiBags on Etsy

15. A pretty bow with strawberries

CA$13.30 from FigandMossMakery on Etsy

16. A statement necklace full of flowers

CA$37.40 from LaylaAmber on Etsy

17. A pom pom keychain (you can use it to accessorize your bag)

CA$9.31 from TaylorElliottDesigns on Etsy

18. A sunglasses case with a cute cat print

CA$14.76 from CatandCloud on Etsy

19. A gold pineapple necklace

CA$16.96 from LoveMontreal on Etsy

20. A bowtie with colorful flowers

CA$49.20 from CroqueMonsieur on Etsy

21. Ice cream cone enamel pin

CA$13.30 from JessTales on Etsy

22. A cactus lover’s necklace

CA$34.58 from Malisaydesigns on Etsy

23. Monstera drop earrings

CA$33.66 from MicaPeet on Etsy

24. Corail and pastel blue earrings

CA$37.40 from LoelaLoela on Etsy

25. All the bananas necklace

CA$23.94 from JazleneCollection on Etsy

26. A cactus clutch with sequins

CA$23.07 from MexiBrandCo on Etsy

27. Handmade banana earrings

CA$30.69 from Palindromeandco on Etsy

28. A polymer clay cactus necklace

CA$38.93 from BeadsBlossoms on Etsy

29. A light scarf for colder days

CA$13.30 from MelangeGalerie on Etsy

30. Watermelons collar pins

CA$15.96 from BuriedDiamon on Etsy

31. Colorful earrings with pom poms

CA$23.41 from GiSoutacheJewelry on Etsy

32. A tote bag celebrating a delicious drink

CA$26.24 from MaPetitefolie29 on Etsy

33. Pineapple shaped hair clips

CA$2.52 fron StarsandConfetti on Etsy

34. Bold cactus earrings

CA$42.56 from VinuesaMade on Etsy

35. A corgi cap to protect your face from sunburns

CA$19.94 from SewAwesomeStore

36. A gold sun necklace

CA$13.29 from Doodlebead on Etsy

37. Pink ice cream cones earrings

CA$35.81 from Oscarandmathilda on Etsy

38. A dragonfruit necklace

CA$19.95 from BuriedDiamond on Etsy

39. A fruit hat: Is this too much?

CA$46.55 from REALAndysEyeCandy on Etsy

I can’t wait to step outside the door without a coat and boots! Summer dresses and sandals, here I come 🙂

Have a great day!







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